Best Business Schools for Finance

Finance is nothing but the study of how firms and individuals allocate resources for the growth of the company or personal growth. It essentially encapsulates three main perspectives; how capital is raised and invested by companies, how individuals collect and relocate savings and the nation uses capital for the overall health of the economy.

Thus, finance affects our lives majorly and its study helps to understand it better and apply the learnt principles in daily life. There is a high demand for this concentration as more students are pursuing this field in some of the top most business schools across the globe.

Studying Finance

The programs offered by top business schools are designed to help students to prepare for a career in finance, while keeping in mind the world economy. Not only do the students acquire professional knowledge about finance, it also helps to develop other important skills such as decision making, communication, problem-solving and analytical skills. Some of the career paths that can be pursued after completing the degree include;
-Financial Planner
-Financial Analyst
-Investment Banker
-Securities Research Associate
-Merger and Acquisition Specialist
-Corporate Advisor

Whether learning at undergraduate or post graduate level, a degree in finance can earn you better paying jobs with immense chance of growth and development within the company.

Applying to Business School

In order to be able to study finance as a specialization, you will have to apply to the top most business schools so that not only do you acquire the right knowledge, but you also get a chance to be hired by to-most financial companies.

Finance should not be differentiated from the other functions of a business. As a professional, along with your financial knowledge, the ability to manage budget and make a compelling business case is also important. Thus, enrolling in a business school ensures an overall development along with strengthening of financial knowledge.

Finance is an amalgamation of solid analytical theories along with personal judgment. While theories will help to determine the best financial option, personal judgment helps to undertake a step that will prove beneficial for the company. All these analytical skills and business knowledge is developed when studying finance from a top business school.

List of Top Finance Business Schools

While there are many business schools offering specialization in Finance, there are a few schools that are considered as the top most, whose study levels are beyond par and acquiring a degree from such schools ensures best placement.

–The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
–Washington University in St. Louis (Olin Business School)
–The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
–Georgetown University (McDonough School of Business)
–Tuck at Dartmouth
–University of Cambridge (Judge Business School)
–HEC Paris, France
–IE Business School, Spain
–London Business School
–Said Business School (University of Oxford)
–Insead, France

The ôîêóñ of a degree in finance is towards providing fundamental business knowledge geared towards capital investment, financial accounting and investment and risk assessment. If you are looking to acquire great placements and better jobs, it is essential that you choose a top ranking business school for your finance degree.

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